Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And Now We Are Four

Saturday, June 6th at 1:01 in the afternoon, our sweet Wesley finally decided she was ready to meet her family. She was an easy and quick delivery (two contractions and three pushes that had her out in less than ten minutes) and is an easy and sweet baby. She sleeps well, she doesn't really cry... she is the exact opposite of what her sister was like as a newborn!
We've been taking it easy over here in the Mellin house since Wesley's arrival and are happy to just be getting to know each other. Logan has reacted just as I thought she would to her new baby sister; she is helpful and sweet but totally not interested. Logan is thrilled to get diapers, bottles, blankets, and likes to play the piano for Wesley if she "needs cheering up", but when you ask her if she'd like to give Wesley a kiss or would like to hold her, she says "Uh, no thanks." 
Perhaps once Wesley gets a little more interesting, Logan will want to interact with her.

I feel so grateful during this postpartum period as opposed to how I felt after Logan; it's such a world of difference. I have recovered much quicker, Wesley is breastfeeding better (even though I'm not making much), and there's no sign of gastrointestinal issues in baby; we're all feeling comfortable and happy. I'm able to enjoy my kids right now and it's the greatest feeling.



  1. Don't let pump output fool you: the breastpump is much more inefficient than baby's suckling. What you pump is not an indicator of supply at all! My babies have all nursed until 2.5-3.5 (my youngest is 13 months) and I have never been able to pump more than an ounce on each side. In fact, unless you're heading back to work soon, put that pump away for the first 6-8 weeks and let baby regulate supply for you. Put her to the breast whenever she fusses or roots or anything at all. As long as you're getting wet diapers and poop, and she isn't losing weight, you're making plenty mama! What is it that leads you to believe your supply is lacking?

    1. I didn't hit reply for some reason..
      I left you a comment below!

  2. You're the second person to tell me that recently! Good to know!
    With my first daughter, I tried for 5 weeks.. she wouldn't latch at all and screamed every time I tried to breastfeed her. I also pumped in between feedings and the most I pumped was 1/8 of an ounce combined.
    With Wesley, she is latching on great. I don't think I am making much because she gets dissatisfied quickly and will drink 2oz of formula after breastfeeding. She only spends about 5 minutes on each breast and I cannot hear her swallow like she does while she's drinking a bottle.
    Today was my first day of using fennel oil for milk production so I am hoping that helps and she spends a longer amount of time breastfeeding and that I'll start to hear her swallow.

  3. If you want to do a consult with me I'm still happy to do so! Depending on timing I should be able to borrow the baby scale and bring it out so we can do a pre and post feed weight to see how much she's getting from you. It's true that the pump is not a good indicator of how much you make! It's less effective than the baby since all it does is suck, and lots of people just don't respond as well to the pump. In addition to the fennel oil I'd recommend trying fenugreek and a lactation blend such as more milk plus


  4. Sorry if my comment posted twice, having some issues and actually couldn't complete what I wanted to write! For the fenugreek and more milk plus, take the max dosage listed on the bottle. The first 6 weeks is your regulation period & when your supply is the most "suggestible"/can be nudged up or down. Just make sure you're getting 8 breast stimulations daily (baby or pump; baby is better but don't make it a battle if she's not into it). As long as she's having at least 4 wet diapers per day & gaining 0.5-1 oz per day she's getting enough :) Feel free to call or text me any time w/ questions & I'd be more than happy to come out to see you! PM me on FB if you don't have my # anymore. Oh and of course, congratulations!!!!