Monday, June 1, 2015


Yup, I am still pregnant and though my due date is tomorrow, I am feeling like there is no end in sight. I keep thinking I'll be some phenomena and be pregnant for all of my life with this kid. Despite the days of contractions and "maternal feelings" and bouncing on a birthing ball, she's just enjoying herself in there and is keeping us very anxiously waiting. 

The last month has been the hardest; being so pregnant with a toddler is definitely a different experience than being pregnant with no kid. Somehow I've transitioned Logan in to a big girl room and potty trained her in the last trimester of this pregnancy and have overall managed to keep up with her; though I have to admit that when Rory gets home I fully take advantage of passing over most all parental duties to him until bedtime so I can sit on the couch with my feet up for what's usually the first time that day (Logan doesn't nap anymore by the way!).

We've been busy with doctor's appointments, allergist appointments, mama's doctor appointments, a brief hospital stay, gymnastics and lots and lots of parties/bbq's that filled up each and every weekend of our calendar last month. I'm feeling relieved that it's June because my calendar is empty (aside from a few doctor's appointments) and from what I'm told, this baby should be here at some point this month. June, I welcome you!


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