Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rain Drops on Roses and...

- Logan saying "I love you mommy. You're my best friend in the whole wide world."

- Wesley's routine of eye rolls, smiles and frowny faces when she's falling asleep.

-The sound of the garage opening after 5pm (that means dad is home).

- Lying on the ground, by myself, staring at the stars. A favorite memory is sneaking down to Uncle Bill's dock in Big Bear, braving my fear of the bats, lying down in his boat, reveling in the beauty that is clear mountain air and making wishes on satellites (because I never see shooting stars).

-Finding a shirt that fits at Anthropologie in the SALE section.

- A newly discovered treat: Paleo mug brownies

- Logan singing along to my favorite Disney songs. Her favorites are "Jolly Holiday" from Mary Poppins and "Yo Ho Yo Ho (a Pirates Life for Me)".

- My relationships. I have opened my heart to more people in the last year than I have in my life time. I have some best girl friends that mean the world to me, my family relationships are finally healthy, my friendships are strong; my heart is feeling full.

- Showers! Real talk: I have a two year old and a six week old.. a shower doesn't happen every day.

- Family time.. just the four of us. I love seeing Logan smile and learn. I love how Logan adores her dad (and vice versa) . I love that Logan in concerned about her sister; "Don't forget baby sister, mama!". My life in this family of four is everything I've dreamed of.

....these are a few of my favorite things.


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