Thursday, August 20, 2015

Smelling the Roses

Our four year wedding anniversary is just about a week away, our first baby is nearly three years old, we have another sweet girl in our family, we've been on this adventure together for seven years in five different homes and it seems like it all has happened in the blink of an eye. I so vividly remember going to the house on Tulsa to meet the roommates, to see if I was a good fit to move in. I remember coming back the next day to meet Rory; in he walked with some sort of beat up sports shoes, camo shorts and an oil stained shirt.. little did we both know that first meeting was the first meeting we'd have with the person we'd spend our lives with. Seven years, gone by in a flash.

Everything seems so rushed in this adult life; rushing to be dating then engaged then married then to have babies. Once the babies come it's rushing to appointments and rushing to play dates and rushing to get the dishes washed, the laundry done and the meals made. Logan's  little friends are now being rushed off to preschool... I don't even want to think of that now. 

We've been so busy lately which I enjoy because it makes the weekends come quicker, but the weekends are rushed through as well and we're back to Monday doing it all over again. There's always somewhere to be these days and I feel as if I'm running through it all and not really living.

Tonight, I had just finished some dinner and Rory was holding a sleeping baby when Logan cried out. I went upstairs to her bedside to re tuck her so I could head back downstairs to the dishes but I decided to lay next to her instead. She cried for a while, I held her and tucked her hair behind her ear, told her I loved her and cherished that moment. I studied her face, the gap in her front teeth, her upper lip that's shaped like a perfect "M" (just like mine), her cabbage patch cheeks, her slightly turned up nose, the curls that draped over her neck; I want to remember every bit of her two year old self. 
Tonight, I took some advice; I put my other responsibilities on hold and stopped to smell the roses.


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