Friday, October 23, 2015

The Last 23 Days

October has been an absolute whirlwind; before it even began, our calendar was full. We've been on a few little adventures that I was hoping for and we had the best days with the girls. One day we went up to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and this past Monday we went trick or treating at Disneyland! I am so grateful that we were able to have those two little trips to feel like we can give our girls some really good childhood memories. Living paycheck to paycheck is our life; it's hard and I am always grateful when we can find good deals on little adventures so we can actually have them!

In all of the business, I've been feeling a little down lately.. which I can't really explain because nothing really is the matter. I think it's just a mix of postpartum hormones and the anxiety I've lived with all of my life. I am trying to remember to just engage with my babes when they're laughing and smiling because everything is alright right now and I have nothing to feel anxious about. Living with anxiety is an every day battle with trying to talk yourself out of feeling sad when you're not sure why you're sad in the first place. There's always background noise; things going on that are out of my control, but nothing to dwell on when I've got a happy home life.

Thank you for reading along and I will be back soon with a post that I've been wanting to share for a few months.



  1. Yes, anxiety rears it's ugly head almost daily in my life. I'm learning to cope though and I'm so proud of myself for it. You should be too!

    1. You should be proud!!! Learning to cope and survive is a really big accomplishment when your brain wants to drag you down. Thank you so much for your support :)