Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Eating: Rory and Logan's chocolate chip cookies! Oh my.. I may have lost 30lbs in the last few months, but these babies are keeping me steady at my current weight. Rory has been quite the baker the last several years and when I stumbled upon an incredible cookie recipe on Pinterest, there was no turning back! This is the recipe he makes for every occasion and it's glorious guys, simply glorious! Salt, check! Dark chocolate chunks, check! Soft cookie goodness, check! It had finally started getting cooler here in the death desert that is Southern California, and Rory got the itch to bake cookies with Logan; it was her first time helping in the kitchen and it was the cutest! She is pretty excited to announce that she and daddy made the cookies each time she gets to eat one after dinner.

Thinking About: How it's kind of unbelievable that it's almost the end of the year already. Didn't I just announce that I was expecting a second little one? I will have a 3 year old in eight days and a 6 month old in less than three weeks... holy crap. I feel like I wait all year for it to be the holiday's and then it's over in a second. Trying to remember to take it all in and see the girls enjoy this holiday season. 

Looking Forward To: Christmas, of course. I feel like this is the first year that Logan really gets Santa. She's been talking about what she hopes he will bring her, Rudolph, and making him cookies to eat (it's also been helpful in threatening her to stop whatever attitude she's got going on.. woo!). I can't wait to live the magic through her and to see her enjoy Christmastime. Also, let's not forgot that it will be Wesley's first Christmas; that's important too!

Enjoying: these sisters. This last week has been such a difference in the way that they interact. Logan played Wesley a song with her train whistle the other day and had Welsey laughing and jumping up and down in her "jolly jumper".. it was the sweetest thing. And today, Logan started talking to Wesley about the argument that she and I had just had and then when Wesley started laughing just because her big sister was finally talking to her, Logan just started giggling with her; it made those few minutes of Logan yelling at me about the damn TV worth it.

Watching: The Amazing Race. We're pretty behind and I can't even remember what season we're watching right now, but Hulu just added two of the most recent seasons and Rory and I watch it once the girls have gone to bed. We spend most of the show pretending that we are in that scenario and how it would be totally ridiculous (I'd be a terrible racer). It's funny to imagine him and I as "amazing racers".. I'd make us lose the first leg. Bungee jump? Nope! Sleep in an airport? Nope! Crawl through a cave? Nope! Eat raw fish or some other "delicacy" of the nation? Nope!

Loving: the California cold. I am pretty upset that it's supposed to be in the 80's Thursday and Friday so I am enjoying my long sleeves and hoodies while I am able to wear them.